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Trust Your Data

Tapping the true potential of your organization begins with knowing, undoubtedly, that your data is telling the truth.

WebAssurance backend data

Discovery Audits

Individually auditing each web page of your entire site for accurate data collection is nearly impossible, and certainly isn’t an efficient use of resources and time. WebAssurance™ technology automates your data quality assurance process, combing through the code on each page, uncovering errors and gaps in your data collection.

Historical Reporting

Want to compare your present data quality to past performance? WebAssurance™ gives you full access to all your point-in-time data from each audit so you can continually monitor and improve your data management strategy.


Websites are updated, tracking functions can break, and analytics are still prone to human error, leaving web analysts and decision makers with inaccurate data. WebAssurance™ notifications alert your team immediately to any malfunctions in your data collection processes.


With seamless integration between your native interface and the WebAssurance™ application, you can easily make data quality processes a defined and accessible part of your digital intelligence ecosystem.

Automated Audits

Scheduled to run automatically by WebAssurance™, audits regularly monitor customizable segments of specified web properties on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, so you always have a pulse on the quality of the data driving your decisions.

Tag Detection

ObservePoint’s patented tag detection technology scans your web and digital properties for hundreds of marketing tags. ObservePoint makes it easy to identify technologies on your site and ensure solutions are implemented properly.

User Management

To assist in keeping your information secure, WebAssurance™ allows the platform administrator to assign individual users rights to your organization’s data and resources. Dedicated to supporting your data governance strategy, ObservePoint makes it easy to securely manage your team’s access and activity.

User Journey

Your users traverse critical paths within your site on a regular basis. Are you sure those paths are functioning properly? Are your MarTech solutions working the way they should throughout these paths?

WebAssurance™ replicates your website funnels to recreate your site’s most complex critical user journeys from start to goal completion with the flexibility to configure a variety of additional items such as browser and location.

Action Validation

Often the highest value digital metrics occur when a user clicks or interacts with a digital property; action validation replicates and validates user clicks and activities without modifying page code. By validating your unique digital interactions you can verify customer interactions and gain valuable customer intelligence.

Regression Testing

Regression testing compares your website to an established baseline, making it possible to check the quality of your overall implementation, tag placement, and site performance.

Tag Implementation Reports

Tags that are implemented incorrectly can cause gaps and inconsistencies in how your MarTech solutions function, including data collection. WebAssurance™ identifies and reports duplicate and multiple requests, missing and present tags, various tag versions and tag status codes, so you can get the most out of your marketing investments.

Status Code Report

Broken page links not only frustrate users and damage your company’s reputation, they can also negatively impact revenue and interrupt critical paths and valuable conversion channels to influence reporting. The Page Status Report provides a list of all broken links and redirects on your entire site.

Video Audits

Video measurement is often unique to the audience and content type, and optimizing video is not possible without a complete data set. With WebAssurance™, auditing and monitoring videos is easy—you can configure video audits within minutes and create alerts that notify site owners of data collection gaps.

Vendor Discovery

Your website and analyst team is ever evolving. Do you have a strategy to maintain the vendor tags across all your digital properties? Vendor discovery will help you locate and summarize all vendor codes on your website, regardless of changing employees or initiatives.

JS Error Check

JavaScript errors can interrupt the user experience and inhibit tracking technologies, but can you imagine combing through millions of lines of code to locate these JS errors or anomalies? WebAssurance™ enables you to search specific pages and paths to find JS errors, automatically.

Page Load Time

Slow-loading pages frustrate users who then navigate away before the page has fully loaded and the tags have collected the data. This can lead to a poor user experience and inaccuracies within the data collected. WebAssurance™ monitors your page load time so you can see if changes need to be made.

Mobile Testing

Mobile traffic has finally surpassed that of desktop—are you ready? Accurate data collection on mobile devices isn’t optional anymore, it’s essential. WebAssurance™ will simulate mobile traffic and critical customer paths to ensure proper mobile data collection.

Business Compliance

Custom rules-based audits allow you to evaluate your existing website against your solution design requirements. WebAssurance™ filters a specific value or set of conditions for an accurate configuration. Additionally, WebAssurance™ evaluates these requirements and identifies pages and variables that are not configured accordingly.

Vendor Compliance

Third-party vendors have data collection compliance rules. When an implementation falls out of vendor compliance, data accuracy and security can be compromised. WebAssurance™ checks variables against vendor rules to confirm they are in compliance.

Data Loss Prevention

Pages missing tags cause gaps in your data collection. Pages and content are added and updated frequently, and it could take days or even months to discover that a page isn’t tagged. WebAssurance™ scans your website for these tags and shows you what’s missing before you lose any more data.

Our Customers


"Our relationship with ObservePoint is unique, in that we're both a partner and customer. Using their tag detection technology, we quickly learned we had important tags missing on 18% of our Acrobat pages."


Sunny Beck, Adobe

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