Data Privacy & Security

Protect your customers, your data, and your reputation.

With new web privacy regulations like GDPR, the new ICO cookie regulations, CCPA, and others destined to come along, it is clear that data protection is a major public concern. Due to these concerns, your company needs to proactively take steps to protect your customer’s data and your reputation, and ObservePoint is here to help.

You can’t protect your customer’s data without a complete understanding of the technology collecting data on your site or app. ObservePoint can perform automated, comprehensive audits to determine all the tech collecting data on your site and help you defend yourself from detrimental data breaches in your analytics implementation.


Protect Your Data with ObservePoint

When protecting data, you need to see where your tags are coming from. The ObservePoint Tag Hierarchy feature enables you to visualize the origin and relationship of each tag firing on your site, allowing you to easily locate and eliminate any unauthorized tags before any harm is done.

ObservePoint’s digital auditing solution can scan your website or app and recognize the unique digital signatures of third-party technologies. Audits return a report of the tags on each page of your site—including what data they’re collecting.

Privacy regulations place a huge emphasis on consent from consumers to use their data. ObservePoint’s custom configuration can check against tags and cookies, alerting you if your technologies collects data before users have given consent.

Regulations sometimes require you to ensure your customer data is only sent to specifically allowed geographic locations. ObservePoint can quickly report the geolocation of all server calls, giving you a quick view of where your data lives.

Ownership of data collection and technologies is often spread across teams, which can present obstacles to addressing non-compliance issues. ObservePoint enables you to assign owners to each technology so you can quickly contact who is responsible for a tag when an issue arises.

Ensuring your policy is always live and accessible is a simple but important aspect of organizational data privacy. Using ObservePoint, you can set a custom rule to make sure your Privacy Policy page is always available to your customers, boosting their confidence in you.

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