Automatically check that Google Analytics is installed correctly across your website

What is a Google Analytics Audit?

An Audit is a scan of your Google Analytics implementation that locates and tests your tags to ensure they are installed correctly and collecting accurate data.

“The reports we get from our regular Audits give us a constant, up-to-date document that’s based on the real world and not what we designed in the past.”

David Goodes, Manager of Marketing Automation Capability and Data, Suncorp

“I can say without a doubt that since we started, with every pending release that was going to production, ObservePoint has caught an issue for us."

Jordan Avalos, Senior Analyst, Southwest Airlines

How does automated testing for Google Analytics work?

  • Crawl your site (no code to deploy).
  • Look for any analytics requests being sent to the Google Analytics servers.
  • Report back in aggregate which pages have Google Analytics installed on them (and which don’t).
  • If you have event tracking, you can define which actions should trigger Google Analytics to test whether GA is firing as expected.

What does a Google Analytics Audit include?

ObservePoint's auditing technology will scan your implementation and generate a Google Analytics audit report with information on the following data quality factors:
  • Tag presence. Identify which Google Analytics tags are deployed on each page.
  • Duplicate tags. Audit Google Analytics tags for multiple fires to ensure your data is not inflated.
  • Variables and values. See the variables and values your tags are capturing to check for missing data or formatting errors.
  • Data layer. Inspect the data layer for missing values or variables.
  • Tag versions. Check that up-to-date versions of tags and triggers are deployed.
  • Load times. Test your page and tag load times to see if Google Analytics is slowing down your site or loading incompletely.

Does the Audit support both Universal Analytics and GA4?

Yes. ObservePoint’s Audits can be regularly scheduled to scan your Google Tag Manager implementation at your desired frequency. Audit Google Analytics in staging or live environments to minimize errors.

Can I get notifications when a Google Analytics Audit finds an error?

Yes. Use ObservePoint’s Rules feature to set expectations for Google Analytics, then test against those rules. Get alerts if any tests fail your defined criteria.

Can a Google Analytics Audit test event-based tags?

Yes. An Audit can be designed to trigger events and show if the intended analytics tags fired. Talk to an ObservePoint representative about your use cases.

Can my Audit track other technologies on my site?

Yes. The Audit will scan your site, identify recognizable tags, and report on the vendor, location, and data being collected. See the Supported Tags list for more information.