ObservePoint to Sponsor & Attend #RISK

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – (October 19, 2022) – ObservePoint is proud to be a sponsor and to join a panel discussing Privacy Litigations at #Risk in London on November 16-17, 2022.

ObservePoint will be sponsoring and participating in the GRC World Forum #RISK. Stop by our booth for a game of cornhole and to receive a free pair of ObservePoint socks!

And don’t miss Mike Fong, Senior Solutions Engineer at ObservePoint, as he joins the Privacy for Marketing Panel titled “Privacy Litigation: A Growing Risk for Data-Driven Businesses.” The panel will explore the dangers of class action lawsuits arising from data protection non-compliance and what you can do to avoid them. The panel will be held on day two of the event, November 17, 2022, from 13:35 – 14:20.



Risk is now everyone’s business; however, many organizations still take a fragmented approach to risk management. Departments (legal, sales, finance, compliance, HR, audit, procurement) are, in many cases, handling risks differently and often in isolation. #RISK will address how we change this approach and tear down the silos.

#RISK will address five content hubs with insightful sessions, case studies, networking, high-level thought leadership presentations, and panel discussions. The five content areas that will be addressed are Financial Risk, Data Protection & Privacy, ESG, GRC, and Cyber Security.

Learn more about the event here.


About ObservePoint

Companies like yours rely on website technologies to collect customer data, inform business decisions, improve experiences, and uncover revenue opportunities. But how often have you questioned the accuracy, security, or reliability of the technology guiding your decisions?

As much as you rely on your Martech, it also causes a lot of chaos. With dozens of technologies being deployed across thousands of pages, undergoing constant development updates, and being managed by several teams-things are bound to break. Add to that new privacy regulations, and you could be facing major threats to your customers, your reputation, and your revenue.

ObservePoint’s Digital Governance solutions bring insights, automation, and compliance to the complexity of your digital customer experience. Our patented Digital Governance solutions for Technology Governance, Privacy Compliance, and Touchpoint Management automatically audit and monitor data collection technologies and user paths to test for gaps in data collection, potential breaches in data security, and malfunctions that interrupt user experiences.

You can rest assured your web technologies are functioning as expected and guiding your company in the right direction.

For more information, visit www.observepoint.com. Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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