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Is your website compliant?

Privacy Compliance from ObservePoint

Over 80% of all sites have third-party tags and cookies.

Do you know:

  • What data is being collected?
  • Who is collecting it?
  • Where they are sending it?

“I use the ObservePoint's browser plugin, network tools, and Tag Hierarchy to make sure that these technologies aren't collecting any PII.”

Maggie Vega, Senior Marketing Analytics Analyst

Finning uses ObservePoint's Audits to:
  • Identify all data collection on their site
  • Visualize piggybacking tags
  • Prevent data leakage to unauthorized locations
  • Automate ongoing QA processes
  • Authorize or deny third-party tags

"We're very well known for being a secure, trusted, and conservative financial services company. The minute our clients think we're selling their data - even though we're not - that all goes down the drain. Using ObservePoint, we addressed and removed a number of piggybacking tags deployed by agencies."

Senior Manager of Digital Experience, Financial Services Industry
"ObservePoint allowed us to see that a major long-term partner was tagging almost every single tag within our data layer - violating our extremely strict data sharing rules. So we ended that partnership in order to ensure compliance."
Senior Analyst, Analytic Technology, Travel Industry
"ObservePoint's Audits empowered us to go to our agency and say, 'Hey, what are you doing with our data?' We can police our site more effectively and find the problems, even if they're external."
Manager of Digital Analytics Product, Education Industry