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Validate the data you’re collecting so you can make better decisions for your customers and your company. ObservePoint’s automated platform helps cross-departmental teams plan, deploy, QA, and validate their MarTech and analytics strategy at scale, so they can achieve unparalleled data quality and gain complete confidence in their data.

The Complete ObservePoint Suite


Touchpoints allows you to standardize your data before it even exists by defining and standardizing tracking and metadata for every interaction in the end-to-end customer journey.

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JourneyStream is a marketing and experience data repository that captures every online and offline interaction across the entire customer journey and creates a complete, unified data set.

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Through algorithmic and rule-based attribution models, Prism gives you ROI visibility across all customer experience efforts to show your contribution to sales, prove the value of your marketing efforts, and justify your investments across all channels and content.

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Without deploying any code, WebAssurance audits your digital channels for inaccuracies in your data collection, simulates user activities, and verifies that your critical paths are working properly.

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AppAssurance automates your pre- and post-release QA process, testing your analytics and MarTech SDKs to verify they’re present and collecting accurate data.

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With LiveConnect, you can connect to any device over WiFi and begin running automated test scripts that capture real-time data as you interact with that device.

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