Privacy Validation

Automatically test and monitor your web properties to ensure compliance.

As more and more data privacy regulations with staggering fines are being passed, it’s clear that data protection is a major public concern. 

ObservePoint provides a website privacy audit for critical privacy requirements at scale, so you can ensure compliance to external and internal data collection regulations. 

Easily identify what pages your privacy link, CMP, and other technologies are on or missing.

Ensure your Privacy Policy and "Do Not Sell/Share" links are present.

Most regulations stipulate that your privacy policy (and for CCPA a "Do Not Sell/Share" link) must be accessible from all pages. But this simplest of privacy requirements can be hard to get right, and it’s often the quickest way to a privacy violation. 

With ObservePoint, you can set up automated Audits to regularly search for your privacy policy and "Do Not Sell/Share" links on every page, then report on any pages missing those elements.  

Easily identify what pages your privacy link, CMP, and other technologies are on or missing.

Check your Cookie Consent banner tag is present.

Identify which pages your CMP panner is on and which pages it's missing.

If you have implemented a consent management platform, the next thing to look for is if your consent banner is present on every page, enabling users to provide their preferred level of consent. Billions in dollars and euros have been fined so far for this avoidable violation. 

ObservePoint can also scan your site for the CMP tag (JavaScript code) that should be loading your cookie consent banner and let you know where it’s missing. 

Validate your CMP is respecting all possible consent profiles.

A common misconception about installing a CMP is that you can “set it and forget it.” Just because the banner is there doesn't mean it's doing what you expect. If it’s not implemented correctly, cookies and tags that your users have opted out of will still load. 

Using ObservePoint’s Audits, you can test and verify your CMP is respecting all possible user-specified consent preferences: accept all, reject all, opt in/out to specific categories and multiple locations. 

See how many pages have unapproved cookies and/or tags

Know when and where new/unapproved technologies appear.

Receive alerts when a new tag or cookies is found.

Another element that can’t be taken for granted is the dynamic nature of a website. With so many teams making frequent changes, you need to keep a sharp eye out for new technologies to be vetted and approved or unapproved before they put you at risk.

Scheduling regular Audits with ObservePoint allows you to see any new/unapproved technologies loading on your site. And once vetted, it’s easy to add technologies to your Approved list.

Inspect network requests from unauthorized locations.

Is your data going somewhere it shouldn't be? Data transfers to unauthorized countries, regions, or domains are a major privacy issue for many regulations, but it can be difficult to monitor and remain compliant.

With ObservePoint, you can set specific consent categories for approved and unapproved locations and domains to ensure your data remains where you want it to. 

See which countries are requesting data from your website.

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