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Validate the data you’re collecting so you can make better decisions for your customers and your company. ObservePoint’s automated platform helps cross-departmental teams plan, deploy, QA, and validate their MarTech and analytics strategy at scale, so they can achieve unparalleled data quality and gain complete confidence in their data.

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The Complete ObservePoint Suite


Define tracking parameters, build campaign URLs, and validate the functionality of your campaign tracking—all in one centralized interface.

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Test network requests from mobile apps to verify the presence and performance of analytics and other SDKs.

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Connect to any WiFi-enabled device and run test scripts on the spot to ensure data collection matches your expectations.

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“It’s hard to QA apps. That’s the bottom line. If that product shifts with bad analytics, that version of the app in perpetuity will have bad analytics. That version is now broken forever. So what I recommend when you’re dealing with these sort of things is to make sure you QA everything that’s going in there. There are now tools in ObservePoint that will make this easier.”

Peter Symuleski, NBCUniversal
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“On average more than 20 percent of all pages went without the crucial tracking tags. Using ObservePoint’s tag analysis software, the number of websites without tagged pages had dropped to practically zero.”

Peter Black, BPA Worldwide
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“It is very difficult for us to check all the variables and all the pages manually. We have found ObservePoint to be the best way to solve these problems.”

Nobuki Yura, Recruit Lifestyle

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