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Data Quality Assurance means having confidence in your digital data. ObservePoint’s solutions validate your data collection processes, assuring you that your critical business decisions are based on reliable data.

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Monitor, test and validate your web tags and analytics data.

WebAssurance™ automatically validates your digital data by scanning your organization’s web properties, rendering tagging implementations for functionality and integration errors.

Without deploying any code, WebAssurance™ audits your digital channels, checking for inaccuracies in your data collection process caused by data leakage, inflation, and corruption. WebAssurance™ also simulates user activities across your site, verifying that your critical paths are working properly.

WebAssurance™ ensures that your data collection implementations are executing as planned, enabling your organization to make better decisions based on better data.


Monitor, test and validate your mobile app data.

ObservePoint’s AppAssurance™ monitors, tests and validates the integration of your mobile apps' analytics solutions to ensure you are collecting accurate data to guide the decisions critical to your mobile success.

AppAssurance™ scans your mobile app, analyzing third-party vendor implementations for functionality errors. By validating functionality and data quality, you maximize the ROI on your mobile app investments and gain competitive advantage by achieving strategic business insights.

Cloud-based, with no code needed; you simply upload your app file as if to an app store and begin gaining quality control of your mobile digital data.

App Assurance on phone App Assurance on laptop


Monitor, test and validate your video tags and analytics data.

Video’s highly engaging format, increasing popularity and ability to immediately deliver value may make it the next big thing in Big Data.

With hundreds of hours of new video content being uploaded to the web every minute, video campaigns have become crucial parts of web and mobile properties. Because video functionality does not have to be reformatted across channels, users can view content seamlessly. This universal appeal arguably makes it likely that video will emerge as the next great source for companies to learn about their customers.

Knowing that the video analytics data you are collecting is accurate gives you a competitive advantage as you make strategic brand decisions. VideoAssurance™ monitors your video analytics solutions, validating your tracking implementations and ensuring you are collecting accurate, decision-making data on your videos.