2020 Digital Analytics and Governance Report

Digital analytics is more important than ever. You need to be a data-driven business to stay competitive and deliver amazing experiences to your customers.

But what does a data-driven business look like? What are the current roles and team configurations in the digital analytics space? What analytics solutions are companies using to improve their use of data? How much do companies trust their current digital analytics practices, and what can they do to improve those practices?

ObservePoint took to answering these questions and more in a recent survey. In ObservePoint’s 2020 Digital Analytics and Governance Report, you will learn about how companies:

  • Configure Analytics roles and teams
  • Perceive their data accuracy in relation to their analytics testing frequency, use of automation, and use of a staging environment
  • View their analytics testing maturity level in relation to their digital analytics solution and use of a staging environment
  • Validate their web analytics tracking for their most important user experiences

This article is part of our Tag Auditing & Governance Guide: 

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