Acting on accurate customer insights to drive revenue is the golden standard of marketing, but getting to that end goal with accurate, actionable data is never as simple as it seems. That’s where ObservePoint comes in. 

According to Forrester’s report, The Total Economic Impact™ of ObservePoint: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By A Data Governance Solution, ObservePoint provides 432% ROI on its data governance solution by helping business to:

  • Improve personalization and customer experiences – leading to 5-7% conversion rate growth, with 20% of that growth directly attributable to ObservePoint
  • Increase revenue through streamlined path to purchase flow – by eliminating 75% of customer journey disruptions
  • Improve productivity – by automating QA testing and ongoing monitoring to save teams 25% of their time
  • Avoid wasting advertising budget – by testing functionality of links and tags to recapture 75% of wasted ad spend

Read the report to see how ObservePoint helps organizations save budget and grow revenue with automated data governance.

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