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My end goal is to:

Make better decisions with data

Improve user experiences

Govern tags more efficiently

Improve ROI on MarTech

“We’re smart people, but we’re not clairvoyant, we’re not perfect, and things aren’t always caught in our manual QA. You need to have some sort of governance plan to catch them before, during and after the fact—preferably automatically. ObservePoint helps find high priority problems within your data, automatically.”

Daryl Acumen, Adobe

“The key thing for us is around our regular tag release cycles. We push new releases and tags every three weeks. ObservePoint has become an integral part of that in terms of making sure that we’re not breaking anything and that we’re keeping data quality intact.”

Tom Loomes, RS Components

“Before ObservePoint, we were only able to QA main paths and pages. Now we can audit all site pages. In the past, we had no site health monitoring, but through ObservePoint’s detection of slow page loading, JS errors, pages with broken links, etc., we have been able to improve the quality of Recruit Lifestyle’s websites. I love ObservePoint.”

Nobuki Yura, Recruit Lifestyle

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