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Tag Governance Framework

The standard for accurate data collection

With the right solutions and processes in place, governing your tags at scale is possible. As you do so, you’ll be able to trust your data, realize ROI on technology spend, and do it all more efficiently than ever before.

ObservePoint has developed a framework that encompasses the essential components of an effective tag governance program. Following the Tag Governance Framework, data-driven teams can reach new levels of credibility, accountability, confidence, and visibility as they drive revenue and growth.


Assemble business requirements and document them.

Tagging plans help you avoid data overload. Before you ever start deploying tags or configuring variables on your site, you need to create a plan that documents your measurement and marketing strategy—outlining which tag is doing what and why.

Tag governance solutions like ObservePoint allow you to scan your digital properties to find out what data you’re currently collecting. That way you can evaluate what you already have in place that might be expendable or could meet your needs without implementing new technology.


Certify implementations meet standards of compliance.

Recent regulations have incited a lot of panic regarding data privacy and protection. But instead of protecting consumer data because we’re legally required to, we should be proactive about protecting the customers that we’re trying so hard to connect with.

Using a tag governance solution, you can scan your analytics tags and variables to know exactly what data variables you are collecting and make the necessary changes to comply with internal and external controls, while also protecting your customers and gaining their trust.


Take approved plans and put them into action.

A good tagging plan will show exactly what sort of measurement requirements should be met, so when developers create a data implementation, they have specific guidelines to follow.

When a development team is equipped with a tag governance solution, they can scan their tag implementations in a dev environment to make sure tags and data layer variables are populating according to the requirements included in the tagging plan. A company that applies tag governance in pre-production environments can fix tagging errors before they hit the production environment—which is when they get expensive.


Automate tests across all sites, apps, devices, and browsers.

As the final gatekeeper before a website moves into production, QA teams have an important role in testing analytics and marketing tags—running iterative tests under various conditions to ensure specified functionality and measurement happens as well.

Tag governance solutions help QA teams automate their iterative tests in staging environments, so they can ensure tags are working under various conditions before pushing the release live. This keeps release cycles agile while also minimizing data collection errors.


Test your implementation immediately following release.

When pushing a site live, tagging errors are common. To counter the problem, technology stakeholders may take it upon themselves to manually check for errors. But the sheer size of your digital properties and the volume of tags on them makes a comprehensive manual audit unrealistic. Plus, humans aren’t the best equipped to scan mass amounts of data for errors.

A tag governance solution like ObservePoint replaces manual spot-checking with automated tag auditing, monitoring, and validation—so you can test your new website and app releases quickly and be sure you’re collecting accurate data.


Keep tabs on your tagging implementation in production.

In a perfect world, a fully-functioning site in production would never have problems, but it’s not a perfect world. You need to continuously test in the production environment to ensure everything aligns with the tagging plan you created.

Tagging errors appear in production all the time, but you can’t have someone spending all their time monitoring tags to make sure they are up and running. A tag governance solution can do the heavy-lifting here—periodically scanning your live site and checking for any tagging errors and alerting you immediately when they do crop up.

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“We’re smart people, but we’re not clairvoyant, we’re not perfect, and things aren’t always caught in our manual QA. You need to have some sort of governance plan to catch them before, during and after the fact—preferably automatically. ObservePoint helps find high priority problems within your data, automatically.”

Daryl Acumen, Adobe
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“The key thing for us is around our regular tag release cycles. We push new releases and tags every three weeks. ObservePoint has become an integral part of that in terms of making sure that we’re not breaking anything and that we’re keeping data quality intact.”

Tom Loomes, RS Components
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“Before ObservePoint, we were only able to QA main paths and pages. Now we can audit all site pages. In the past, we had no site health monitoring, but through ObservePoint’s detection of slow page loading, JS errors, pages with broken links, etc., we have been able to improve the quality of Recruit Lifestyle’s websites. I love ObservePoint.”

Nobuki Yura, Recruit Lifestyle