Touchpoint Management

Standardize tracking for better insights.

Most organizations operate their campaign tracking in silos—each team adhering to their own standards and often with little to no governance across channels. This means that your teams and your data sets are frequently misaligned, and the insights derived from your data often end up at best, skewed, and at worst, directionally inaccurate.
ObservePoint enables you to standardize campaign tracking and automate page testing for accurate customer journey insights and smooth experiences.

Understand your customer's complete journey to conversion.

To trust campaign ROI calculations, you need to first trust the data going into those calculations. ObservePoint’s solution for Touchpoint Management ensures your marketing measurement program is unified and consistent, giving you the confidence to make decisions based on complete and accurate data.

  • Establish and enforce cross-channel tracking formats and syntax

  • Define an enterprise-wide taxonomy of metadata standards 

  • Build out templates to save time and remove human error

  • Leverage integrations to create touchpoints and manage metadata 

Ensure complete marketing and experience data through integrations into these and other AdTech, MarTech, and analytics platforms.

Ad Platform

Strala works with top platforms to unify tracking, ingest ad metrics, & calculate ROI.

Martech Platforms

Popular ESPs, DSPs, DMPs and more ensure all systems will work in concert.


Integrate metadata & ad data with custom data warehouse & visualization environments.