Privacy Validation

Automatically test and monitor your website to validate privacy consent, cookie consent, geo locations, and much more.

See how many pages have unapproved cookies and/or tags

Companies Validating Their Privacy With ObservePoint

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Why You Should Care

Receive alerts when a new tag or cookies is found.

Consent Management Platforms

Even if you have a Consent Management Platform (CMP) like OneTrust, Trust Arc, Cookie Yes, etc. You still need to validate your CMP is on every page and loading correctly.

Honoring Cookie and Tag Consent

With your CMP on every page, you need to verify all the consent preferences are being honored. Do you have cookies and/or tags showing up when they shouldn't be?

See how many pages have unapproved cookies and/or tags
See which countries are requesting data from your website.

Unapproved Network Requests

Monitor the various network request that are receiving or sending signals from your website. Easily identify which cookie(s) and/or tag(s) is responsible for the specific request.

Accessible Privacy Links

Some Privacy Regulations require specific links to be on your website (or even specific pages). Easily see if the links you have are on the pages they should be.

Easily identify what pages your privacy link, CMP, and other technologies are on or missing.

Best of all, it doesn’t take much to validate your Privacy with ObservePoint.

With our Free Trial, it’s easy to get started. Simply sign up, no credit card necessary, and put in the starting url you want to test. We will scan 50 pages starting with this url and within a few minutes, you can see if your CMP is set properly, if you are honoring consent presences, manage all your network request, and much much more.