Meet our founders.

ObservePoint was founded by data pioneers who have continued to attract the very smartest leaders in the industry.

“ObservePoint is built with our innovative DataAssurance™ technology. It integrates with over 100 different vendors and will not just validate your marketing data, but protect your entire digital investment.” – Rob Seolas

Rob Seolas


John Pestana


Rob Seolas is a Digital Marketing Veteran, having spent his entire career in the space. He formed one of the first ad programs while still in college.  He co-founded iLeadMedia in 2002, which was at the forefront of online lead generation and loyalty programs.  After rapid growth it was acquired by Think Parternership in 2006.  Rob has been a part of several other successful digital companies over the past 15 years.

Prior to ObservePoint John Pestana Co-Founded Omniture, a web analytics software company based in Orem, Utah. John helped grow Omniture from a startup business to a large company with over 1,200 employees throughout the world. Omniture went public in 2006 and then sold to software giant Adobe for $1.8 Billion dollars in November of 2009.