Our Mission

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and better serve their customers through the application of best practices in web tag auditing.

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As any data analyst in the trenches will admit, web analytics is hard. Reports from different analytics tools often don’t match. Tracking breaks, impacting reporting and site functionality. And manual audits of web and mobile app analytics implementations are expensive, time-consuming and still prone to human error.

Our Technology

Founded in 2007 by John Pestana and Rob Seolas, ObservePoint pioneered automated web and app analytics auditing. ObservePoint’s global network audits millions of pages every month to report data loss, inflation and leakage to web analytics managers and stakeholders of the world’s leading enterprise companies.


ObservePoint’s patented WebAssurance™ technology carefully renders all web page code on a site, looking for errors and gaps in reporting caused by data corruption, inflation and leakage.


AppAssurance™ is a cloud-based solution that scans an organization’s mobile app, analyzing third-party vendor implementations for integration and functionality errors. By validating functionality and data quality, users maximize the ROI on their mobile app investments and gain a competitive advantage by achieving accurate business insights.

Data Quality Assurance

ObservePoint’s Data Quality Assurance solution ensures that customer data is accurately collected, utilized, and safeguarded, giving your organization the confidence to make better decisions based on better data.

Meet our Founders

ObservePoint was founded by data pioneers who have continued to attract the very smartest leaders in the industry.

Rob Seolas

Rob Seolas

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Seolas is a Digital Marketing Veteran, having spent his entire career in the space. He formed one of the first ad programs while still in college. He co-founded iLeadMedia in 2002, which was at the forefront of online lead generation and loyalty programs. After rapid growth it was acquired by Think Partnership in 2006. Rob has been a part of several other successful digital companies over the past 15 years.

John Pestana

John Pestana


Prior to ObservePoint John Pestana Co-Founded Omniture, a web analytics software company based in Orem, Utah. John helped grow Omniture from a startup business to a large company with over 1,200 employees throughout the world. Omniture went public in 2006 and then sold to software giant Adobe for $1.8 Billion dollars in November of 2009.


The company culture you've been looking for

“ObservePoint is an amazing company. John and Rob hand picked our teams and leaders to create a culture that works very hard, but is also highly creative and playful.”

Chris Baird, VP of Marketing at ObservePoint

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