ObservePoint Labs

Creating a Culture of Innovation

ObservePoint Labs culminated from the belief that rapid innovation best serves the advancement of data quality and digital analytics applications.

A proving ground for early prototypes, solution concepts and freemium applications, ObservePoint Labs provides add-on tools that integrate with existing solutions to enhance your analytics efficiency and accuracy.

All housed in the simple framework of a free Google Sheets Add-on.

Come and experiment with us.*

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SDR Builder

Part of the ObservePoint Labs collection, the Digital SDR can help spearhead your data governance objectives by automatically generating a solution design reference document from your existing implementations.

The tool forms a governance bridge between your Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint accounts, giving you a reference for your data collection and allowing you to establish custom rules to audit your analytics.

Populated in a basic Google Sheet, the Digital SDR makes it simpler and faster to effectively document your analytics approach.

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TagCompare is a new addition to ObservePoint’s freemium solutions, and is an early-stage micro-solution to help users generate comparison reports using exported data files from ObservePoint’s TagDebugger™.

After debugging a site and exporting the data from TagDebugger™, you can upload the reports to TagCompare to create current and historical tag comparison reports so you can monitor and analyze any changes to your implementations.

With TagCompare you can compare tag implementations between releases, navigate through all the data for each tag collected and ensure the presence, performance and quality of your high-value tags.

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*ObservePoint Labs is part of a continuous process of innovation. Offerings here are still being vetted by development and may not have full functionality.

The experience and feedback from ObservePoint Labs is critical to our research and development process as we determine which solutions to more fully devote resources to. We invite you to learn and grow with us.