Privacy Compliance

Protect your customers, your data, and your reputation.

With privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others, it is clear that data protection is a major public concern. Due to these concerns, your company needs to proactively take steps to protect your customer’s data and your reputation.

You can’t protect your customer’s data without a complete understanding of the technology collecting data on your site or app. ObservePoint performs automated audits to identify all the tech collecting data on your site and ensures compliance with digital standards and government regulations for customer data.

Automatically monitor data collection for regulation compliance.

ObservePoint’s solution for Privacy Compliance enables your team to set up dynamic approved and unapproved lists, then perform regular Audits to determine if the tech collecting data, as well as your Consent Management Platform (CMP), are complying with regulations.

  • Receive a full list of all cookies and network requests

  • Get alerts when new technologies appear

  • Reveal what data is collected, by whom, and where it’s sent

  • Generate customizable approved/unapproved lists 

  • Simulate consent profiles to test your CMP

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