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Trust Your Mobile App Data

Integrating a mobile app measurement plan into your marketing strategy becomes a key differentiator in your competitive advantage, however, to create an app that delights your customers, you must be able to trust the analytics data your app is gathering.

AppAssurance™ automates the validation of your mobile app’s dynamic and unique tag implementations, ensuring the data they collect is accurate and your tagging strategy is executed to your design.

Increase Efficiency

The advent of mobile apps has placed a new task on digital analysts’ already full schedules. Setting up various devices to ensure analytics solutions are working correctly in every new version of an app is difficult and time consuming.

Reclaim your time and increase productivity. AppAssurance™ offers an easy setup process and the ability to save, copy and reuse tests across app versions as well as easily create tests for multiple devices and operating systems.

Verify App Integrations

AppAssurance™ enables you to automatically evaluate your current MarTech solutions against your unique tag implementation strategy so you can monitor and test the things most important to your business objectives. AppAssurance™ contributes to a holistic approach to your mobile measurement and helps drive continuous alignment and improvement.

Test Critical Action Paths

AppAssurance™ provides a text-based User Journey Builder which allows you to test and monitor the execution of critical user pathways on your mobile app. With AppAssurance™, you can understand how well your mobile app is performing and gain actionable insight into how effective you are in winning, serving and retaining your customers in mobile moments.

Monitor Your Success

As an analyst, you don’t have the time to constantly monitor your implementations or sift through your audit results, making sure everything is still working or waiting for something to break. With AppAssurance™, you can quickly and easily visualize your app’s data quality using convenient reports. You can also receive immediate alerts by text or email if your implementations and critical paths are not working properly.