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Govern your web analytics data with efficiency, confidence and accuracy.

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Trust Your Data

WebAssurance™ automates the validation of your dynamic and unique tag implementations; ensuring they are accurate.

Across all industries, Big Data and web analytics are helping businesses become smarter, more productive and better at making decisions.

Tapping the true potential of your organization begins with knowing, undoubtedly, that your data is telling the truth. WebAssurance™ gives you complete confidence in the data and reports you need to drive your most strategic and critical business decisions.

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Be More Efficient

Too many organizations waste time manually preparing and improving data, with some analysts spending more than 40% of their day vetting their analytics data before it can be used for strategic decision-making.

Reclaim your time and increase the productivity of your team using WebAssurance™ to consistently look for data collection gaps that exist across your entire website.

Verify Critical Customer Journeys

Your users are 32% more likely to abandon your website if they encounter a problem. Critical customer journeys that facilitate conversions, drive revenue and boost loyalty can be difficult to tag and maintain. WebAssurance™ continuously tests and monitors these critical paths as your users interact with your brand through your web offerings.

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Maximize Your Investments

Can you prove your marketing technologies are worth the dollars funneled toward them? Research suggests 51% of digital marketers are not able to sufficiently identify the ROI from their web and mobile marketing technology stack.

Working with hundreds of third-party vendors, WebAssurance™ validates the deployment and data collection of the technologies on your site, enabling you to determine which solutions are providing value and which are not.

WebAssurance™ finds and identifies all web tags present on your site and helps you validate your tagging strategy.

Create a Better User Experience

WebAssurance™ makes it easy to identify and quickly fix points of friction hurting your online customer experience. Find broken page links, slow loading pages, JavaScript errors and more without deploying any code.

With ObservePoint’s patented WebAssurance™ technology, you can deliver the kind of customer experience essential to win, serve and retain customers.

Protect Against Data Loss

Privacy abuses and leaks of sensitive customer data and personally identifiable information (PII) undermine the trust between your enterprise and your customers.

Protecting your data from theft, misuse and abuse via third-party technologies is a top priority. WebAssurance™ helps your organization position data security and data loss prevention as a competitive differentiator, empowering you to build a new, secure kind of customer relationship.